Steel Strap

Signode is an Australian manufacturer and an industry leading supplier of a diverse range of steel strapping products. Signode manufactured strap is used across a complete range of strapping applications including timber, steel, ferrous and non-ferrous. As an industry leading supplier and manufacturer of steel strap, handler safety is inbedded in our manufacturing process. Signode steel strap is deburred during manufacture using Signode’s globally patented processes. This means that the edges of our Signode steel strap are rounded making them considerably safer to use than alternate non-Signode products with sharper edges.

Signode’s steel strap is available in our

  • Signode standard Apex range – non heat treated, suitable for standard applications
  • Signode High Strength Apex (HSA)- high strength non heat treated, suitable for heavy applications with little impact
  • Signode Magnus – high strength and heat treated, suitable for heavy duty applications, shock resistant