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Corner protection

Signode manufactures a complete range of Angleboard corners which provide customers with a quality corner protection and pallet unitisation solution. Angleboard protects palletised load edges from impact, crushing, load stacking and occasional forklift impact which can damage outer packaging or the products themselves.

Angleboard corner protection enables palletised loads to be packaged more securely which prevents movement and subsequent damage during transportation. In some applications Angleboard can also be used to improve vertical stability of the load which enables the products to be neatly and safely stacked on top of each other without crushing or damaging the outer packaging or the product itself.

Signode’s range of Angleboard is manufactured using 100% recycled paperboard with multilayer durability. Angleboard corners are available in both a heavy duty, cool room friendly laminated white option and a standard paper kraft for general warehousing applications.

Signode also provides a complete range of Plastic and Metal square corners.

Signodes product range includes:

  • Angleboard Paper Corner Lengths & Corners
  • Plastic Corners
  • Metal Corners