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Container liners - Caretex

Caretex Container Liners - When quality & peace of mind matters

Signode Australia is the exclusive agent for Caretex container liners in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.

Signode Australia customers now have direct access to the internationally recognised range of caretex container liners suitable for the bulk transportation of dry products as well as palletised leaking cargo or cargo which may be susceptible to spillage during transportation. The Caretex range of container liners is available in standard types and custom fit for purpose applications.

Caretex container liners provide protective packaging solutions for the: 

  • Bulk shipping of a variety of products including grains, wheat, corn, resins, powders, sugar, resins & granules
  • A hygienic transportation method for a wide variety of products susceptible to contamination risk including synthetics & food products
  • Protection of shipping containers from wet cargo or cargo which may be susceptible to leaking/spillage during transportation                                

The Caretex range of container liners conform to Australian Food Standards for the bulk transportation of food products and are manufactured to globally recognised standard with accreditation to:             

  • ISO 9001 - Quality Management System
  • ISO 22000: - 2005 Food Safety Management Systems
  • GMP - Good manufacturing practice certified 

Coupled with Signode a national provider of load containment and protective packaging solutions, Caretex container liners are available nationally throughout Australia, New Zealand & the pacfiic region.                

Caretex is a globally recognised leader in the design and manufacture of container bags and liners already used in agricultural, mining, pharmaceutical & synthetic manufacturing applications. We understand the complexities our customers face with stringent export requirements and work with them to develop suitable liners to help streamline their packaging systems.  We are also pleased to confirm that the Caretex range of container liners are environmentally friendly, the PE liners are 100% recyclable.                                                

Signode is proud of its reputation as an industry leading supplier of load containment and protective packaging solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets.  We continue to provide customers with a  complete portfolio of packaging solutions and proud to support Caretex in Australia, New Zealand and the pacific region.

All Signode products are supported by a national service and engineering team as well as a dedicated network of field technicians equipped to assist customers with scheduled servicing and unplanned maintenance issues.





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