GripPack Cutter

GripPack Cutter
GripPack Cutter

The Signode GripPack cutter is the world's only battery operated strap cutter suitable for cutting 19mm-32mm Steel and Plastic strapping.


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Signode's lightweight, battery operated GripPack strap cutter enhances productivity and operator safety for applications that utilise steel or plastic strapping. Unlike manual tools where operator effort is required, the GripPack cutter quickly and effortlessly cuts through up to 2 pieces of 32mm steel or plastic strapping.

It offers two mode of operation - one for non-tensioned strap to maximise cutting speed and one for tensioned strap to enhance operator safety. In the tensioned strap mode, the GripPack cutter holds the tensioned strap in place during cutting and keeps one end of the strap in its serrated jaws after cutting. The result is one-handed operation that allows operators to safely position themselves away from the single rebounding strap end.

Features & Benefits


Features and benefits include:

  • Effortessly cuts through up to two pieces of 32mm steel strap with minimal effort.
  • Non-tensioned and tensioned strap modes
  • LED light illuminates cutting area
  • Lightweight design and ergonomic handle reduces operator fatigue
  • Up to 240 cuts per charge
  • Compact design - can get into tight place
  • Safe to use - holds tensioned strap to prevent rebounding
  • Increases productivity