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Custom Made

Custom Made

Caretex - Custom Made

caretex custom made container liners

Customer made container liners

Signode understands that each customer is unique with respect to their product application and loading & unloading requirements.

In partnership with Caretex and our customers, Signode works to identify the specific requirements of each of our customer applications.

In most cases customer requirements can be met using our standard range of container liners as they have been specially engineered through ongoing customer consultation and application specific market information. 

Should our standard liners not be suitable, Signode works with customers to identify any special requirements; custom liner design is then undertaken and trials are conducted to ensure all requirements are met.

Some of the most common container liner modifications include changes to:

  • Installation & hanging systems
  • Loading & unloading requirements
  • Container liner size
  • Ventilation & product sampling systems