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LocknPop - Equipment

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Signde provide a range of LocknPop application equipment options including manual and machine operated applications. LocknPop equipment can be purchased outright or as part of a rental or lease program.

LocknPop is typicaly applied using a single or multi headed automatic dispensing unit integrated to an existing conveyor line. The LocknPop automated dispensing head can apply LocknPop adhesive in a beaded, sticked or sprayed pattern depending on the surface requirements.

Signode's Australian Made LocknPop equipment is supported nationally with parts and service. Our service team can work with you to provide both emergancy response repairs and preventative maintenance options. All equipment comes with a 12 month warranty and full engineering and line integrated support.

All LocknPop applications are individually assessed and equipment reccomendations made based on a site audit and product and substrate test.

LocknPop Equipment Benefits:

  • Single & multiple head dispensing units
  • Beaded, stitched and sprayed application options
  • Electronic ally displayed unit control board
  • Multiple programming options for integration with existing conveyor lines
  • 12 month warranty
  • National parts & service support
  • Australian Made & supported

LocknPop equipment