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Integrating LocknPop

Integrating LocknPop

Integrating LocknPop

Integrating LocknPop into my business

Site audit & product inspection

Signode will conduct a site audit to identify the products suitable for stabilisation using LocknPop. We will also identify the best method for any future LocknPop system integration with existing production/packaging lines.  

Product sampling & adhesion test

Following a site audit, Signode will obtain product samples which will be used to test a range of LocknPop adhesives to establish the most suitable adhesive substrate to be used depending on the carton surface type and packaging environment. 

Cost benefit analysis

Signode works with customers to develop a cost benefit analysis to compare the cost of setting up a LocknPop system and the saving associated with the use of less stretch film- total cost of packaging per pallet is the measure we regularly use to substantiate your return on investment. 

Commercial trial

Together with the customers site operations team, Signode will conduct a trial to ensure the LocknPop adhesive substrate is suitable in a commercial environment, ensure optimised pallet stabilisation and validate the cost savings calculated as part of the cost benefit analysis.

LocknPop order- 6 week lead time

 A fully integrated LocknPop system can be delivered within a 6 week period. 

System integration

Your Signode account manager and Signode accredited service technicians and engineering will work with the site operations team to integrate and commission your LocknPop system.