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LocknPop Applications

Cardboard boxes

The flat surfaces of a cardboard boc makes it an ideal substrate for a LocknPop Application. Customers can choose between:

  • LocknPop 3268 & LocknPop 3168 - Suitable for corrugated kraft, mottled white flat cartons, delicate surfaces and some varnished & preprint cardboards.
  • LocknPop 3170B - Suitable for heavily inked corrugated kraft, mottled white flat cartons including varnished and pre-printed surfaces. LocknPop 3170B provides superior locking properties typically required when cartons are heavily printed.
  • LocknPop 3098, LocknPop 3224 & LocknPop 3280 - Suitable for delicate, varnished, pre-printed surfaces where carton integrity is paramount from a product brand perspective.

Paper bags

Paper bags are used to package a variety of products including both food (flour, sugar, salt and milk powders) and building products such as cement.

  • LocknPop 3268 & LocknPop 3168 - Suitable for all paper packaging including paperbags and cartons.

Shrink wrapped trays and plastic bags

LocknPop systems can also be used to secure shrink wrapped trys and plastic bags. Shrink wrappes trays are typically used to package a variety oof beverage products including soft drinks, and water whilst plastic bags are used for a variety of applications including building, chemical, animal feed and other agricultural poducts.

  • LocknPop 3228 - Suitable for poly pags and plastic surfaces and is applied via a spray head on an automated dispensing unit.

Freezer applications and hot contents

  • LocknPop 4110 & LocknPop 4120 - Suitable for freezer applications
  • LocknPop 3255 - suitable for products packaged whilst they are still hot